IOWA (I/O World of Adventure) (Updated 25th Feb 2011)

A picture of a dragon...Welcome to the IOWA remembrance page. This is a work in progress, so please forgive the gaps! If you would like to contribute, mail me on the link given below. These pages are dedicated to the memory of the MirrorWorld/IOWA system, the games that ran there and all those who played and/or ran the system. If you are included in these groups, and have anything you would like to add to this site, then please contact me - these pages are yours as well.

Contributions are very welcome, particularly any old information about the games - if anyone has old maps or logs that they don't mind sharing, I would be very happy to put them up here somewhere.

If you're looking for Vorpal Mail, you can find it here. My (empty) personal site can be found here.

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25th Feb 2011

Things have been very quiet here. Plans to get systems back online are still around, but nothing concrete yet. In the meantime, however, you might like to read The Thoughts of the Internet Sheep

3rd April 2006

Look! Prodigy can do colour! Will the wonders of modern technology never cease?

19th May 2005

Just an unsubtle plug for Edge of Chaos online, a turn-based game we're running from work.

31st March 2003

The original Prodigy Help Guide is beginning to make it's appearance - putting this on-line is a work in progress, so it will be added to over time. As it gets bigger I will probably split it into sections over several pages.

24th March 2003

As promised, I've started digging out some old information. First new area on the web-site is a map page. Maybe some photos at a later date.

23rd March 2003

For the last few weeks I've been clearing out the shed, and as a result I've come across a number of old photographs, print outs and maps. I hope to get some of these up on the web-site over this week, so watch this space. As usual, if anyone else has any old information, please let me know - I will happily scan old maps and photos and return them.

Prodigy is currently up and running, you can connect to the Tornado 2 system on port 2000, or if you want to connect directly to Prodigy without the chat system etc. please telnet to port 2222

16th February 2003

Happy New Year to everyone. IP addresses have changed as I've had to move this site to a different ADSL line. DNS is being a bit wobbly at the moment, but should be working at the moment.

Tornado 2 is up and running still, and various bugs are being shaken out. Colour support seems to be largely working, but there are still problems with some telnet programs. If anyone wants an email address, let me know what email address to setup forwarding to, and I'll get it sorted.

Older new has been moved to a separate page.


IOWA (formerly MirrorWorld), was one of Britain's largest independent multi-user games, and supported 10 incoming phone lines, which, in it's heyday were often all in use. The system provided several different games, and had a strong community feel. The entire system was provided and paid for by Philip Cordrey, also known as Pippin or Pip.

There is a mailing list on the Yahoo Groups server for players to keep in touch. Now Live! Click on the button below to subscribe.

Click to subscribe to iowa-mug.

The Games

The People

Some of the people who contributed to IOWA.

Players (Updated 10th April 2000)

Thanks to the iowa-mug list, I have been in contact with some of the old players. A new page has been created to list old persona names, real names and e-mail addresses. I need your help to keep this list up to date, and to include as many players as possible.

The Future

Although IOWA and Prodigy is no more, I am currently working (slowly) on porting a copy of my Tornado front-end to use sockets-based communications. Once this is working satisfactorily I have a few ideas for a new game that I am sketching out. If time and funds permit, the Phoenix may rise again. I also have copies of the Prodigy code and all the data shortly before it shut down, so there is a chance Prodigy may re-appear.

Other Stuff

As well creating Parody and Prodigy, I was involved in the setup of the Avalon system (including the creation of the sword rising out of the water logo that was still in use last time I checked), and the Spy game (a version of the Unix multi player game, Hunt).

If you have contact details for anyone listed above, or for anyone I've forgotten then please mail me with them!

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