Prodigy Help Guide (Updated 31st March 2003)

This is a copy of a text version of the Prodigy Help Guide. Some of the details will no longer be correct, but I am putting it up here in it's unaltered state for historical reasons.


Welcome to the Prodigy Help Guide, containing all the help text from the game itself, many of them updated and clarified. The guide is intended both to provide information about the system, and also to be a useful ready reference during play.

Skills Levels

The skill level titles (in order are):

Incompetent, Inept, Green, Amateur, Adequate, Able, Capable, Adroit, Competent, Deft, Apt, Accomplished, Prevalent, Masterful, Expert, Supreme.

Help Commands

You are connected to Prodigy, a rewritten version of Parody. The following lists some of the available commands, experiment to find more.

SCore Show some statistics on your character.
QScore Show your score, stamina and magic (QuickScore).
SKILLS Show your skills.
LIST Show your spells.
WIDTH <num> Set your terminal width.
QUIT Quit Prodigy (also QQ).
HELP Show what help is available.
NEWS Display the game news.
EMOTES List emotive commands.

List interactive emotes.

Look Look at what is here.
QL/GLance Quick look.
EXITS Show available exits (also X)
BRIEF Select brief room descriptions.
VERBOSE Select full room descriptions.
OPEN <exit> DOOR Open a door.
CLOSE <exit> DOOR Close a door.
WHO Show who is playing.
QW Quick Who
SAY <text> Say something (also "<text>)
TELL <player> <text> Tell something privately to a player.
Get <object> Pick something up.
DRop <object> Put something down.
Inventory List what you are carrying.
STOCK/GOODS Show what a shop has to sell.
BUY <object> Buy an object in a shop.
SELL <object> Sell an object in a shop.
BUG <msg> Leave a comment.
KIll <victim> Attack someone or something.
WIELD <weap> Use a weapon (UNWIELD to stop).
PARRY <weap> Parry with a weapon (UNPARRY to stop).
CAst <spell> Cast a spell.
LEARN <spell/skill> FROM <mobile> Learn a spell or skill.
ACCOUNT <OPEN/CLOSE> Open or close a bank account.
BALANCE Show your bank balance.
DEPOSIT <num> Deposit some gold.
WITHDRAW <num> Withdraw some gold.
PAY <player> <coins> Give some gold to someone else.
SETNAME <text> Set your full name to <text>.
SETHERE <text> Set your in room message to <text>
SETARRIVE <text> Set your arrive message to <text>
SETLEAVE <text> Set your leave message.

Login Help

You are connected to Prodigy, a multi-user game. Before you can play the game you need to create a character, or persona with which to enter the game. To do this enter the name you wish to use at the "Please enter your persona name or HELP" prompt. If the system then asks for a password then someone is already using that name, press <RETURN> and try another name, otherwise you will be asked to choose a character class. Type W for warrior (character classes are explained within the game, warriors are best for new players) and press <RETURN>.

You will now be asked whether you want the persona to be male or female (choose whichever you prefer, it makes no difference in game terms) and press <RETURN>. Finallu you will be asked for a password to use (which must be between 4 and 18 characters long), choose a password that you can remember, but that is unlikely to be guessed by someone else, press <RETURN> and you will be logged into the game. Now try out a few commands, in particular, HELP COMMANDS, HELP SUBJECTS, NEWS, SCORE.

Enjoy the game.