Protege and StarLite 5 (Updated 8th January 2000)


Protege was to be the successor to Prodigy, continuing with the P-series of names (and hence Protege would be Parody-III and Prodigy-II). The idea was to take the scenario and basic setting of Prodigy and provide a cleaner, more sophisticated world, with more emphasis on role-play and character development. Although experience-based levels would continue to form part of a players advancement, more emphasis would be placed on skills and other character-specific methods of success.

StarLite 5

StarLite 5 is a substantial development of the original StarLite language. The DOS-based legacy of using standard 'units' for items within the game has been abandoned, and a more sophisticated, flexible memory structure has been used. The language will remain as similar as possible, whilst being extended to allow a more flexible approach to game creation.

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